Color Change Wraps

Color Change Wraps

Bring new life to your vehicle with a stunning color change wrap. With hundreds of amazing colors to choose from and a custom look, your car will transform from old to new before your eyes. Wrap Your Ride creates and installs a wide variety of vehicle wraps that can transform your car from ordinary to anything but. Work directly with our experienced staff members to create a new and distinctive look for your vehicle, whether it be a large truck, a motorcycle, or anything in between. These wrap films come in high gloss colors, matte colors, brushed metal and carbon fiber looks.

Wrap Your Ride is your source for color changing car wraps in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas. Stop by or call us today about the trim wraps and full car wrap options that we have available. We offer a wide variety of options, and an almost endless array of opportunities for customization. Here at Wrap Your Ride, we love helping people customize and create their dream cars!

Color changes (otherwise known as color change wraps, paint wraps, paint alternative, or paint replacement) for vehicles are the hottest styling feature on the market today. Your options are virtually unlimited when it comes to choosing a color, finish, foil or style for your ride. Don’t make the mistake of de-valuing your car with a careless aftermarket paint job or unexperienced installer. A good paint job is not cheap, and the minute you touch your car with paint, it loses it’s value. A custom car wrap is a great and affordable alternative to painting your vehicle.

Having your car professionally wrapped at Wrap Your Ride gives you many options without damaging your vehicle. Wrapping your car allows you to change the color of your car without altering or damaging the paint job underneath. When you are tired of the color, or your lease is up, we will pull the wrap off and you will have the original paint job underneath, with no damage! Just like new!!

Reasons to Wrap:

  • Faded/chipped paint
  • Protect from scratches/ rock chips
  • Protect from bugs/dirt
  • Protect from rain/oil/ tree sap
  • Add value
  • Personalization
  • Promote events
  • Alternative to painting
  • Great gift idea
  • Save money on expensive paint jobs on new car purchases

Wraps We Offer:

  • Car wraps
  • Boat wraps
  • Truck wraps
  • Trailer wraps
  • Atv wraps
  • Motorcycle wraps
  • 4 wheeler wraps
  • Wall wraps
  • Desk wraps
  • Window wraps
  • Cabinet wraps
  • Floor wraps
  • Garage wraps
  • Interior wraps
  • Refrigerator wraps
  • Plane wraps
  • Billboard wraps
  • Sign wraps
  • Door wraps

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